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Really a Sasquatch?

I found this on Pinterest. Is it really the face of a Big Foot? It looks really convincing at first but then I noticed how ridged the face and mouth were. I don’t think it is real, what do you think?

Worth taking a closer look even just for curiosity sake.

– Bear Hunter

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Mysterious Deaths of Students Blamed on “Russian Yeti”

Mysterious Deaths of Students Blamed on “Russian Yeti”

A co-worker of mine told me this story a couple of weeks back.  It’s a story about a group of students who hiked up into the mountains in Russia.  It was meant to be a recreational camping trip.  The hikers never returned from their trip.  Their camp site and bodies were found in a state that can’t be clearly explained.

My co-worker didn’t mention anything about a Yeti killer, only theories that the campers had likely been effected by high levels of radiation from nuclear weapons experiments.  I stumbled onto this article today detailing the exact same story only this time including a theory that a Yeti might have been responsible for the hikers’ bizarre and grizzly deaths.

– Bear Hunter