Now I’m in Korea.

by Bear Hunter

The flight on Thursday went really well. It took roughly 14 hours. It was peaceful for the most part. I caught up on some work, did some writing and I watched some inflight movies. Their selection was rather odd: they had “Airforce One”, “Snakes on a Plane” and “Con-Air”. Those were only a part of a much larger collection of course. In honour of the experiment I will soon hold witness to, I decided to watch the “Matrix” and “Tron”. I was tempted to watch “The Lawnmower Man” but I decided against it.

I had a tough time keeping my mind on my work or on the films. The whole flight I kept falling in and out of day dreams. I imagined the Doctor embodying a giant mechanized body stomping through the streets of Seoul. At one point the singer from Gangnam Style popped out of nowhere in his own mechanized body and they broke out into song and dance. At that point I’m sure I had fallen asleep and I was actually dreaming. Gangnam Style has forever ruined South Korea for me and I’ve just arrived.

I also kept wondering what I was up for. I was given very few details on the specifics of the experiment. Much of what I was told I was sworn to secrecy. In one conversation with the doctor weeks ago I asked him, “Victor?” – he’s read my blog and he wants to be referred to as Victor – “How can you trust me? We’ve never met in person.”

“I can tell.” He answered, “You are a man who values discretion. A man who is careful as to what he says and to whom he says it.”

Paradox mentioned much the same thing to me shortly after I met him. A strange thing for secretive men to say to a man who writes a public blog. I suppose I’ve always been good at telling people exactly what I think they need to know… It does make me question myself though… Do I subconsciously hide things from people? Am I prone to deception? I hope not.

While sitting there cramped on the plane I was really able to reflect or over-think, depends on who you ask.

The flight landed in Seoul on time. I was feeling really good until I started walking through a lounge in the airport and overheard a voice on an overhead flatscreen television. I looked up and saw images of a plane wreck. An airport employee took notice of me and the confused look on my face and decided to translate the news into English for me.

A flight through “Malaysia Airlines” was shot down by land to air fire over the boarder of Russia and the Ukraine at the very same time my flight to Korea was in the air. I Thanked the Airline employee and took a seat for a few minutes. The shock hit me hard. I can’t help but wonder what is happening in our world. There is no telling what people, organizations and governments are up to or what they have planned. It really frightens me at times.

I made it to the hotel in good time. My plan was to shake off the jet-lag but I couldn’t stop thinking about the downed plane. I haven’t done much but watch television and take the occasional walk for the last day and a half. I have dinner reservations with Victor tonight. Hopefully his enthusiasm will help jolt me back into a positive state of mind. I do look forward to seeing the prototype robot drone he’s constructed for the experiment.

– Bear Hunter