Off to Korea

by Bear Hunter

I took the day off work to the chagrin of my employers. They are already uneasy with my leaving for a week. I’m nearing the end of my current contract and they want my 100% dedication. I wish I could give it to them… to my credit, I am ahead of schedule.

My flight leaves tomorrow. I’m off to Seoul. I’m both nervous and excited. I’ve never travelled east of London. I kept putting off travel because of one excuse or another. I’ve always been too caught up in work, always afraid of not being settled and ready for marriage and children. I’m 43 now and I have neither and… I’m not sure if I want either. I want to live. These trials I’m travelling overseas to witness are a once in a life-time opportunity. If I have to risk my professional reputation than so be it!

I have a cool job, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes I feel like I’m in it for all the wrong reasons. I’m a capable engineer and I enjoy the constant challenges but hell, anyone could do my job! Maybe not anyone but you know what I’m saying, anyone with the skills. Lately, I’ve felt like I’m lacking something, like my life has no purpose. I spend so much of my time researching the bizarre and I stand by and watch people with true meaning in their lives accomplishing amazing feats. Why didn’t I go into Astro-Physics or become an Archaeologist? Try and created/discover something revolutionary rather than build bridges and over-passes.

Tomorrow I set out on my first adventure. I told Paradox and he just laughed and said, “It’s about time Bucko! Maybe you’ll find yourself a nice subservient Korean girl who can do all your calculations for you so you can start enjoying life for once.” The man has an interesting perspective on things… although, subservience has never interested/impressed me.

Time to put my work aside. I need to get my mind out of work and into robots. I am really excited. Wish me a safe flight.

– Bear Hunter