Magic, could it possibly be real?

by Bear Hunter

Paradox’s story is his northern trek and his photos of living fairies shook me to the bone.

My life has been dedicated to reason, dedicated to using the laws of nature to engineer structures of practical use. I spend most of my waking hours analyzing variables and trying to piece together logical explanations for whatever mystery or problem surfaces. My job depends on it and my personal life is soaked up by it. Only that one strange night when I was thirteen haunts me, it was the one thing in my life I could never explain.

I’m still not convinced by the idea of magic. I am open-minded and I’m willing to consider any possibility that is routed in science. Most established science and technology was once considered impossible or beyond belief. Scientists are shocked by new discoveries every day. Who can really say what exists out in this world both hidden and within view.

With Paradox’s discovery of the fairies I started to wonder, maybe there is a secret world out there. Human society has risen and fallen time and time again. History has been tampered with, this I am certain. Who knows what information was lost when the great library of Alexandria burned to the ground. Maybe some things that were buried preferred the world to never know they existed in the first place.

There are always rumours of secret societies and conspiracy theories floating around on the internet.

If our technology – what is public – has increased so much in the last century who is to say that other technologies weren’t developed in the past but kept out of the public’s eye? There could be instruments and processes so advanced and strange in play that we could only consider them magic or maybe they play such a big role in our lives already that we aren’t the wiser?

For all we know the world might have been threatened by doomsday asteroids many times over the millennium but were prevented by technologies we weren’t even aware of. That is an imaginary example, but you can understand where I’m coming from. With 7 billion people on our planet and limited resources one has to wonder what’s keeping everything from collapsing?

I’ve made good money over the years and I’ve saved well. I’m considering taking time off to really look into some things that have been brought to my attention. I have a lot of theories I’d like to put to the test. I have to really take the time to plan this out. I’ll keep you updated.

– Bear Hunter