Righteousness in Numbers

by Bear Hunter

It feels good to be right, to know that your beliefs and way of life are justified.  That you have the right idea and other people/groups have to concede to your expertise.  You have people to back you up when doubt rears it’s ugly head.  Too many people share your belief so how can it be wrong?  I just described a common problem and definite fear and frustration of mine.  People feeling righteous in numbers.

History is full of situations where people jump on the bandwagon.  Whether it’s religious crusades, witch burnings, the suppression of scientific ideas or today’s consumerism.  Followers assume that if every one else is doing it that there must be enough evidence to back it up.  Why question something when someone else in the group has probably questioned it already?  What most of the followers fail to realize is that few of their “members” have bothered to question the group’s beliefs and those who have have left or been expelled.

People will fight tooth and nail to prove you wrong just to feel that rush of righteousness.  They will ignore the evidence you present to them, they will mock it and dismiss it.  How do you convince people of the truth when they truly don’t care what the truth is?  All they care about is getting what they want and feeling justified in getting it.

Religions aren’t the only groups that are guilty of this.  Government parties, educational institutions, corporations and even some scientific communities.  They can feel justified in doing whatever they wish as long as enough people agree with them… and those people only agree in hopes that they’ll gain agreement in response.

So much of our world is built on a foundation of self-gratification with only enough truth to keep technology working, governments somewhat stable, food sources available and providing people with a feeling of semi-security.  As long as anarchy doesn’t break out all other lies and assumptions are acceptable, as long as people feel good about the lies.  Who needs to be happy and healthy when you can be “right”?

– Bear Hunter

Self-righteousness at it's worst.

Self-righteousness at it’s worst.