Alien Abductions and Dreams.

by Bear Hunter

When I was younger I was obsessed with UFOs and alien abductions.  I used to watch every television special that was available.  I was also an avid “X-Files” fan.  I was certain that the “truth is out there”.  Yes, the truth is out there for sure, I’m just a lot more skeptical now.

The tales of alien abductions are fascinating and at times terrifying.  The idea of being hovered over by a strange flying saucer.  Being struck by a bright light, paralyzed and levitated onto the ship is frightening enough.  The idea of being strapped to a table with strange greyish white men with large black eyes staring down at you holding large surgical equipment takes the cake.  I’m sure this is the kind of experience wild animals have when scientists shot them with tranquilizer darts, study and tag them, and set them free again.  Pretty universal fear.

The stories do get inside the head.  I had a lot of UFO dreams decades ago.  They were some of my most vivid dreams I’ve ever had.  I never ended up in the ship, although the aliens did try.  The most vivid dream I had took place in the back sitting room in my old house.  I started out in the kitchen – with the light on, it was the only light on in the house.  I was alone.  I heard a sound coming from the backyard so I walked into the back room to take a peak out the window.  The windows were black and all I could see was my faint reflection and the reflected image of the inside of my house.  Everything in the dream was positioned almost identically to how it typically was, very few inconsistencies.

I stood in the dark back room with kitchen light leaking in.  I could hear this odd faint whistling sound.  It almost sounded like the sounds computers make in 1970s sci-fi shows.  The whistling increased in intensity and volume.  I walked closer to the window for which I couldn’t see through.  All of a sudden a line of bright lights broke through the reflection from outside.  Small bright circular lights spun back and forth in a linear pattern.  The line of light bobbed up and down as the craft hovered in the darkness of the night.  I took steps back away from the window but I couldn’t turn away.  I also couldn’t shake the terror I felt inside of me.

The noise from the craft shifted slightly as the lights came to a halt.  I believed I was safe for but a moment.  From one of the lights a long black rod was launched in my direction.  The projectile just missed me but was lodged into a nearby chair penetrating it completely.

In fear I ran through the dinning room and into the front living room.  As soon as I entered the living room the saucer descended just outside the front window.  No matter where I ran the vessel would follow.  I can’t remember how I escaped, all I remember was how real and vivid the whole scene felt.  Very few items in the house were out of place and it all played out in “real-time”.

It’s one of those dreams you wake up to not too sure whether it actually happened or not.  I’m certain it was a dream.  I walked through my house the morning after just to make sure.

I don’t know if aliens really exist or whether they abduct human beings but I do understand the primal fear of being abducted by strangers and having no idea what their motivations are.  That feeling of powerlessness is paralyzing in and of itself.

– Bear Hunter

They look down on their abductee.

They look down on their abductee.