The Most Elusive of Creatures: Love

by Bear Hunter

Work has been slow so I have time to type another blog.  This blog is anonymous, so I figure there is no harm in it.  Nobody will know it’s me admitting these things.

I get frustrated.  I have conviction, purpose in my life.  I work hard at my job – and it’s not by no means a bad job – but I also work hard towards my passions in life.  My passions might be a bit strange but they are honest.  I’ll refrain from giving away too much about myself, but I have invested a lot of time into my hobby… or as I’d like to call it my mission in life.

My frustration revolves around love and the opposite sex.  Why is it so hard to find a woman I can be fully honest with without getting strange glares or being laughed at.  Or women who tell me “Your job is incredible, let go of the non-sense and settle down.”  Did Thomas Edison lay down his “non-sense”?  Charles Darwin was mocked and ridiculed for a theory that wasn’t even that far fetched!

The painful thing is meeting a woman whom I really connect with.  A woman who I can laugh with and who I share a mutual attraction with… I believe I can share myself with her and… I end up being wrong.

What if I end up being wrong concerning my theories?  If I’m wrong I’m wrong, at least I believe in something and I try hard to be as logical about it as I can.  Isn’t my care and caution worth something?  I just want to be honest with who I am and be appreciated for that honesty.  I want to be loved for my honesty.

This was tough for me to type, I think I’ll leave it here.  Thank you for reading, whoever out there might be reading.

– Bear Hunter