by Bear Hunter

Entertainment or a cruel joke?  From the classic radio show “War of the Worlds” to the “based on real footage” film “The fourth Kind” there have been people dead set on tricking the masses.  Some people laugh once they discover the truth and think “how clever”, and other people feel embarrassed and betrayed.  Personally, I take it all in stride.  I know that a big chunk of the “evidence” out there is completely and intentionally faked.

Because of this, I’m weary of all the pictures and video out there.  There are some people who have been driven to paranoia and who don’t believe most of what governments, newspapers and NASA claim about simple everyday things let alone big discoveries.  With photoshop, vfx software and clever storytellers how can we tell when we’re being told the truth and when we are being hoaxed or manipulated?

I have to admit, some of it is very entertaining.  The movie “The Fourth Kind” with Milla Jovovich was freaky.  There was two scenarios in the film; the “actual” video footage from the interviews and events from the alien abductions and the recreation footage.  It was very well done, even the psychologist’s belief that the abductees might have spotted white owls that look like classic aliens.  What got me was the laziness or “budget sparring” of the production.  In one scenario the house in the original footage the recreation looked like the exact same house.  The brands and arrangement of furniture and set decoration was identical as if they shot one scene with a crappy handicam and quickly switched over to a high end film camera for the recreation footage.  Either the Art Department managed to recreate the scene to perfection – unlikely – or they faked the “original footage” and were too lazy to mix it up slightly for the recreation footage.  Cool movie but the hoax fell through.

There is so much fake footage out there about aliens, the lockness monster, bigfoot and so on.  I have re-pinned a lot of fake images on my pinterest account because for me they are really entertaining.  I hope I’m not contributing to the hoaxing, I just figure by now most people are already aware of the likelihood of hoaxes and can take it with a grain of salt.

I may be a skeptic but I’m also a dreamer.  I know that the universe is full of bizarre phenomenon and I want to know it all.  Not just because of the mundane live’s many of us live but because I want to believe that humanity will continue to discover, learn and evolve.