Hypothetical Underworld.

by Bear Hunter

It sometime blows my mind how oblivious we can be in our lives.  We get so wrapped up in our hopes, dreams, beliefs and fears.  We see the world through a very specific lens.  I’d like to believe that I see the world through a wide-angle lens.  Maybe a 17mm.  Wide enough to see my periphery but not so wide to have reality skewed or end up with a finicky depth of field.  Yes, I studied photography in my younger days.

We get so caught up in our belief of what is real that new ideas seem implausible or even impossible.  Imagine when ideas – that seem obvious to us today – such as the earth rotating around the sun or humans sharing a common ancestor as apes first hit the public’s ears.  To them it seemed like the imaginings of overactive minds.  Fantasy worlds to entertain and maybe even threaten but certainly not real… how could they be?  Ideas out of the ordinary will always shock no matter how grounded in reality they actually are.  All truths are science fiction/fantasy until proven.  Funny way of looking at things I know.

All this being said, I’m going to play the Devil’s Advocate.  Are their forces beneath the surface influencing our very lives?  Forces that are so far removed from our familiar cultures that any evidence to their existence can be written off as myth?  So outlandish that we wouldn’t even bother looking into any of it.

The character Thor in Marvel Comics is a good example.  “Gods” from another realm coming to Earth to fight an ancient war and protect early human civilization from ice giants.  So outlandish that any recordings of their battles could only be viewed as myth.  I don’t believe in Asgardians and a rainbow bridge but it is a cool example of what I’m getting at.

I hypothesize that there are forces out there with their fingers in all sorts of cultural and economic pies.  I don’t think it’s the Illuminati.  If they are that good and maintaining control they would keep a better low-profile cloaked in unbelievability.  The evidence would lie right in the public’s eye like one giant “bad joke”.  Imagine if the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” the cartoon was so cheesy to the extreme so that no-one would ever believe in the presence of intelligent humanoid amphibians?  That is an extreme example… or is it?  The best way to distract people is to make them believe that something is so absurd that it could never be real.

I know of people who dedicate their lives to exploring the absurd.  They are disappointed by what they find most of the time, usually dead-ends but every once in a while they stumble onto something really cool… a lead that takes them on a journey they could have never anticipated.  I think that is the greatest thrill of exploration, finding out that you are finally onto something, that you weren’t wasting your time the whole time.  That you aren’t crazy.  What happens then when you start to uncover something people wish stay hidden?  The church did everything they could to mock Darwin’s theory of evolution, similar forces do the same thing in our current day.

I’ll pick up where I left off in a later blog.