by Bear Hunter

I just finished watching an episode of the show “Cosmos”.  The episode I watched focussed on the time-table and process of evolution since the earliest life to modern age humans.  The big theme of the episode was on the most drastic shifts in atmosphere, climate and the Earth’s surface and how life survived against the greatest of odds.  They covered a lot of ground and bounced back and forth between geology, climatology and biology.  A great overview but a lot left out.

The show itself is very entertaining.  For a weekly show they have a lot of animation and the visual presentation is amazing.  I can only imagine how many people they have on the pay-roll.  I’ve only seen a couple of episodes so I don’t know how much the topics vary.

It amazes me how advanced informational programming has become and how entertaining as well.  A giant leap from the slide shows my teachers put us through back when I was in high school.  If nothing else, I could always count on catching up on sleep during those slide shows… I know, I’m terrible.

– Bear Hunter