by Bear Hunter

I consider myself a man of science.  I have a strong imagination sure… I can imagine all sorts of things.  At times I hope more than anything that the things I imagine might be real.  Despite my hopes I still desire evidence.  I still need to know for sure.  Seeing is believing.

What if though, you see something that you can’t explain.  You rationalize as best you can, tell yourself it can’t be possible.  I was just imagining it, or I was tired, or I was asleep dreaming.  But then I think about it some more and I can’t shake it.  Something inside of me says it’s real that somehow somewhere I’ll find an explanation that somehow it will all fit into place.  Could that be faith?  Could faith be more in the search than in the results.  The idea that things won’t turn out as expected but that something will be gained regardless.  That the belief is a guiding force and not a definite?

I struggle with the idea of faith.  It feels like an easy way out… but like I said, I’ve been thinking about it lately.  There are some beliefs I can’t seem to let go of regardless of how absurd the might seem.  Something inside of me screams out saying “Bear Hunter, you know it’s true, regardless of what anyone says.  Keep at it and one day you will have the answers.”  I don’t know if any of you out there can relate to what I’m saying.  I’m so often off the mark when it comes to other people.  Hell, I feel crazy just typing this blog.

– Bear Hunter