Mysteries all around us.

by Bear Hunter

I’m a lot like the next guy.  I am curious about mysteries such as ufos, bigfoot and the lockness monster.  I desperately want to believe that there is more to this world than what lies right in front of our faces, and I know that in a lot of cases the bizarre is true.  The discoveries scientists make everyday about the nature of our world excites me.  It never seems to end.  Some mysteries get answered in ways none of us expect, some continue to go unanswered and others are proven to be hoaxes.

There are a lot of people out there who dedicate their lives to unlocking the secrets of the universe.  Some do so in a lab, some out in the world and others experiment in their basements.  Some travel around the world following leads.  I know of many who make themselves public and others who prefer to stay out of sight.

For me, a lot of the above subject matters are a curiosity of mine.  I have my own interests that I prefer to keep to myself.  There is a lot going on in this world of ours that few people are aware of.  Some very strange things.  I’ve seen some very strange stuff over the course of my life.  People scoff at topics such as fairies and elves.  They think of little people with wings or pointed hats.  Few people consider where the myths came from or why they persist.  I’m no expert on either, I’m just using them as examples.

I know a man – whom I won’t reveal – who believes that Elves are an ancient variation of human beings.  That they keep undercover due to their difficulties with reproduction.  Due to this their population has never peaked beyond a point and they have a legitimate fear of genocide/extinction.  He allowed me to mention this much but I’ll refrain from going any further.  I doubt any of you believe me.  I’m not sure if I believe him myself.  To my knowledge I haven’t seen anything or anyone I could label an elf, but how would I know?  I try and keep an open mind and not label people crazy.  Reality is often stranger than fiction.

– Bear Hunter