Flying Triangles

by Bear Hunter

ef2721013d84eee5c6b5bd64fbd811fbI watched a documentary on youtube that was originally aired on the History Channel.  I know this is becoming a trend for me.  Here is the link all the same,

The spottings of flying triangles is fascinating to me.  Crafts that make no sound, can hover and fly at inconceivable speeds.  Mostly seen at night and nobody can explain what they are.  Are they secret military vehicles or alien ships?  I’m a strong believer in life on other planets but I have a hard time believing that aliens would keep lurking around without making more formal contact.  They must know that people are spotting their ships and the three lights are a dead give-away.

To me, military ships make more sense.  The military would have to test fly them somewhere above native soil, so they would have to take the risk of people spotting them.  People claiming that they are alien craft would illigetimize the sightings in the general public’s eye.  The military can risk the sightings because no-one would take them seriously anyway.  Also, keeping the craft secret would protect the US from international scrutiny and fear.  Canada once built an amazing aircraft called the Avro Arrow and that got canned for being too good, there was a lot of controversy around that one.

I would love to believe that these flying triangles are alien vessels.  Part of me hopes they are.  I just don’t have enough evidence.

Check out the video though.  They have a cool segment about Ancient South American artifacts that look like flying ships.  They got a SPX artist to recreate a scale model of the artifact and discovered that it is surprisingly aero-dynamic.  There is also talk of time-travel if that interests you.

– Bear Hunter