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Month: May, 2014


Blog entries are easy to make under an alias.  I’m doing it right now.  If someone thinks you have lost your mind who cares.  It won’t effect your job, your relationships and your family won’t shun you.  You can say and express anything you want.  Sometimes I wish that held true in the real world.

When you’ve been holding onto secrets and you feel like you are going to explode, who do you tell?  Do you tell your spouse/significant other?  Do you tell a shrink?  How about your parents?  Who do you tell?  What if what you have to tell them is nearly unbelievable?  You can be an upstanding member of society and respected in your field of work.  The last thing you want is to lose the respect of the people that mean the most to you.

Yet, something inside you burns.  You saw something that you are certain is real.  You can’t explain it, but you know it happened.  You want to tell somebody… anybody… but the fear grips you.

Some things I’m not even ready to admit online and under an alias.  I’m not sure who I can trust or how deep the rabbit hole actually goes.  It’s hard to imagine that someone is searching blogs looking for someone who knows what I know.  It’s a paranoid though… right?

Maybe there is no harm in telling people.  Maybe I can just blurt it out and the people around me will just shrug it off.  I’m sure many of you out there have experienced the same thing.  You can’t be sure if you can trust people.  We’ve all been laughed at, betrayed and persecuted in one way or another in the past, it can be devastating.  You sometimes lose sight of what might be safe to admit and what isn’t.  You wonder… is it worth the risk?

– Bear Hunter



Teleportation Is Real and Here’s Why it Matters

Communication and data transfer at a distance… that could have major implications for the future. Too bad it’s at a stage that isn’t all that useful or practical. A beginning is a beginning and I’m sure that amazing new technology will develop out of this discovery.


The future has a way of becoming the past. Men on the moon? Check. Picture phones? Thank you, Skype. But teleportation? Not so much. The idea of breaking yourself down to your constituent molecules, beaming yourself across space and reassembling somewhere else sounds cool, but there are problems. For one, there’s The Fly. For another, it’s monstrously difficult.

But teleporting information is another matter. And in a new study just published in Science, researchers at the Delft Institute of Technology in The Netherlands have revealed that they’ve done just that—sort of.

What the Dutch physicists did involved something called quantum entanglement, which Einstein once described as “spooky action at a distance,” a term that pretty much describes what it is. Entangled particles are sort of the dysfunctional couples of quantum physics. You know that long-distance relationship you had in college that didn’t really work out and every time…

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Significance of the X-Men

I just headed out and watched “X-Men: Days of Future Past”.  It was simply brilliant.  I couldn’t look away, both the story and the action were captivating.  There is a scene in there that rivals the “Nightcrawler in the Whitehouse” scene from X2.  I won’t give it away.

The themes of prejudice, fear and genecide were powerful.  Anyone who is different – born or raised – can understand the fear of being misunderstood or even seen as a threat to the average collective.  Feeling like you have to hide yourself or face prosecution – minor or major – is a terrible feeling/burden.  The human genome is fairly stable but even so there are people out there with real physical and neurological distinctions.  The X-Men from the very beginnings of the comics brought to the surface how prejudice can take on any form and it also emphasizes the difficulties and risks involved in accepting what one doesn’t understand.  Some mutants such as Magneto do a good job of dissuading people from giving mutants a chance.

I think it’s essential to have comic books, novels, movies and any media in general that remind us that we aren’t all the same and that isn’t a bad thing.  Both visible and invisible minorities can suffer incredible amounts of criticism, bullying and violence for any number of reasons.  It’s easy to herd a group of people we don’t understand into a corner and keep a close watch on them because we’re not sure what they are going to do rather than take the time to learn about the things that make them tick, what needs they have or what their motivations are.

It’s also important to have characters in stories that – those being oppressed and those not – having varied opinions on the subject matter.  It reminds us that not all of us respond to different types of discrimination the same way.  How Beast responds to being feared and judged by humans is a lot different than how Wolverine responds to it and they are both avid seekers of peace.  I hate to say it, but there are times when I found myself agreeing with Magneto on a point or two during “Days of Future Past”.

I look forward to the next instalment of the X-Men.

– Bear Hunter



Alien Abductions and Dreams.

When I was younger I was obsessed with UFOs and alien abductions.  I used to watch every television special that was available.  I was also an avid “X-Files” fan.  I was certain that the “truth is out there”.  Yes, the truth is out there for sure, I’m just a lot more skeptical now.

The tales of alien abductions are fascinating and at times terrifying.  The idea of being hovered over by a strange flying saucer.  Being struck by a bright light, paralyzed and levitated onto the ship is frightening enough.  The idea of being strapped to a table with strange greyish white men with large black eyes staring down at you holding large surgical equipment takes the cake.  I’m sure this is the kind of experience wild animals have when scientists shot them with tranquilizer darts, study and tag them, and set them free again.  Pretty universal fear.

The stories do get inside the head.  I had a lot of UFO dreams decades ago.  They were some of my most vivid dreams I’ve ever had.  I never ended up in the ship, although the aliens did try.  The most vivid dream I had took place in the back sitting room in my old house.  I started out in the kitchen – with the light on, it was the only light on in the house.  I was alone.  I heard a sound coming from the backyard so I walked into the back room to take a peak out the window.  The windows were black and all I could see was my faint reflection and the reflected image of the inside of my house.  Everything in the dream was positioned almost identically to how it typically was, very few inconsistencies.

I stood in the dark back room with kitchen light leaking in.  I could hear this odd faint whistling sound.  It almost sounded like the sounds computers make in 1970s sci-fi shows.  The whistling increased in intensity and volume.  I walked closer to the window for which I couldn’t see through.  All of a sudden a line of bright lights broke through the reflection from outside.  Small bright circular lights spun back and forth in a linear pattern.  The line of light bobbed up and down as the craft hovered in the darkness of the night.  I took steps back away from the window but I couldn’t turn away.  I also couldn’t shake the terror I felt inside of me.

The noise from the craft shifted slightly as the lights came to a halt.  I believed I was safe for but a moment.  From one of the lights a long black rod was launched in my direction.  The projectile just missed me but was lodged into a nearby chair penetrating it completely.

In fear I ran through the dinning room and into the front living room.  As soon as I entered the living room the saucer descended just outside the front window.  No matter where I ran the vessel would follow.  I can’t remember how I escaped, all I remember was how real and vivid the whole scene felt.  Very few items in the house were out of place and it all played out in “real-time”.

It’s one of those dreams you wake up to not too sure whether it actually happened or not.  I’m certain it was a dream.  I walked through my house the morning after just to make sure.

I don’t know if aliens really exist or whether they abduct human beings but I do understand the primal fear of being abducted by strangers and having no idea what their motivations are.  That feeling of powerlessness is paralyzing in and of itself.

– Bear Hunter

They look down on their abductee.

They look down on their abductee.

Japan wants to build a space-based solar energy farm

Space-based energy farms, I like the sound of this. Our civilization consumes so much energy and that need for energy has spurred far too many global conflicts. I’m sure people in the oil industry won’t be too happy with the idea of solar panels in space but… you know…

– Bear Hunter


I watched the movie Godzilla last weekend.  I enjoy watching giant monsters smash cities as much as the next guy, I don’t know why that is but I do.

It was nice watching a movie about giant prehistoric monsters that feed on radiation and make the dinosaurs look like gerbils.  If you are afraid of spoilers read no further.  I’ve had very little sleep this week and I have lost all restraint.  Back to Godzilla, this is a brief summary of the plot:  Two giant moth creatures big enough to level skyscrapers awaken from prehistoric egg-sacs and start delivering cross-ocean love songs to each other via sonar.  Godzilla is swimming at the bottom of the ocean feeding off of radioactive volcanic vents while minding his own business when he overhears the Lewd racket.  It’s too much for the beast to bear, he can’t very well have this kind of smut pulsating over the waves in his ocean.  New mission: find the giant moth monsters and get them to quiet down.

Godzilla sets out on his righteous crusade.  He follows them all the way to the west coast of the United States.  He finds the male and he makes his point heard.  The male doesn’t respond well.  Godzilla gets flustered and finds himself caught up in a bridge.  He tries to get free but little army men start firing on him.  Godzilla loses his temper, this is not the way he imagined his day going.

The moth couple finally meet ending their long distance relationship.  A densely populated area seems like the most logical nesting place for a young couple trying to make it in this new fast paced world.  The female smashes up some buildings and makes herself at home.  The two are drawn closer.

Godzilla finally catches up, travel by sea is a bitch.  Grumpy and tired from the long-distance swim Godzilla decides it’s time to draw the line and make himself heard.  The display Godzilla stumbles upon offends every bit of decency in his 100 000 ton – I checked a poll online – body.  Lady moth creature is up on a pile of debris twerking her giant glowing egg-sac booty for the whole world to see.  Literally, millions can’t turn away and if they do something heavy and concrete might fall on their heads.  Godzilla has seen quite enough!  Usually he wouldn’t hit a girl but this can’t be tolerated.  He storms into the – ignoring the tiny army man waves as he passes them by – city to give that harlot a piece of his mind.

Beast battles beast in a larger than life – larger than anything else living – beastial bout of epic – quite literally – proportions.  Godzilla is all bitch-slaps and tail-bitch-slaps.

Mr. Male Moth Monster – all horny with testosterone coursing through his open circulatory system – arrives not to find a romantic nesting but rather a giant lizard laying the smack-down on his woman.  He is not impressed.  Male Moth Monster to the rescue.  He descends on the scaly beast with the rage of a thousand nuclear reactors.  He let’s out his piercing electro-magnetic-pulse scream for all the world to hear.  So what if he knocks out the city’s power grid?  People will have to make due with candles.  Male Moth Monster has always been a romantic at heart so he likes the idea of candles, it might help set the mood for after he disembowels Godzilla.

The three massive titans battle it out in a battle royal for the ages.  Godzilla lashes out with the blue fiery fury of his “shame breath”.  The moths are no match for Godzilla’s righteousness.  Godzilla speaketh and it shall be done.

With his foes slain and made an example of in front of all of humanity, Godzilla drags his feet back into the ocean.  Back to his peaceful solitary life at the bottom of the ocean.  No smut, no moth creatures and no lady Godzillas…  Godzilla finds a nice hot volcanic vent and drowns his sorrows.

I’ve never written anything like that, so I thought I’d give it a try.  I’m so tired that I’m not even sure what came out of me.  I should probably get to bed.

– Bear Hunter

Mighty an righteous.

Mighty and righteous.

The Most Elusive of Creatures: Love

Work has been slow so I have time to type another blog.  This blog is anonymous, so I figure there is no harm in it.  Nobody will know it’s me admitting these things.

I get frustrated.  I have conviction, purpose in my life.  I work hard at my job – and it’s not by no means a bad job – but I also work hard towards my passions in life.  My passions might be a bit strange but they are honest.  I’ll refrain from giving away too much about myself, but I have invested a lot of time into my hobby… or as I’d like to call it my mission in life.

My frustration revolves around love and the opposite sex.  Why is it so hard to find a woman I can be fully honest with without getting strange glares or being laughed at.  Or women who tell me “Your job is incredible, let go of the non-sense and settle down.”  Did Thomas Edison lay down his “non-sense”?  Charles Darwin was mocked and ridiculed for a theory that wasn’t even that far fetched!

The painful thing is meeting a woman whom I really connect with.  A woman who I can laugh with and who I share a mutual attraction with… I believe I can share myself with her and… I end up being wrong.

What if I end up being wrong concerning my theories?  If I’m wrong I’m wrong, at least I believe in something and I try hard to be as logical about it as I can.  Isn’t my care and caution worth something?  I just want to be honest with who I am and be appreciated for that honesty.  I want to be loved for my honesty.

This was tough for me to type, I think I’ll leave it here.  Thank you for reading, whoever out there might be reading.

– Bear Hunter

Robot Logic

Robot Logic

Check out the short film at this link.  I stumbled across it on Pinterest.  A robot bar-tender struggles to rationalize how his existence impacts the world around him as well as who volatile the human world can be.  Something about this short film hit a nerve in me.  I enjoyed it thoroughly.  As you know, I have a fascination with robots and androids.



Entertainment or a cruel joke?  From the classic radio show “War of the Worlds” to the “based on real footage” film “The fourth Kind” there have been people dead set on tricking the masses.  Some people laugh once they discover the truth and think “how clever”, and other people feel embarrassed and betrayed.  Personally, I take it all in stride.  I know that a big chunk of the “evidence” out there is completely and intentionally faked.

Because of this, I’m weary of all the pictures and video out there.  There are some people who have been driven to paranoia and who don’t believe most of what governments, newspapers and NASA claim about simple everyday things let alone big discoveries.  With photoshop, vfx software and clever storytellers how can we tell when we’re being told the truth and when we are being hoaxed or manipulated?

I have to admit, some of it is very entertaining.  The movie “The Fourth Kind” with Milla Jovovich was freaky.  There was two scenarios in the film; the “actual” video footage from the interviews and events from the alien abductions and the recreation footage.  It was very well done, even the psychologist’s belief that the abductees might have spotted white owls that look like classic aliens.  What got me was the laziness or “budget sparring” of the production.  In one scenario the house in the original footage the recreation looked like the exact same house.  The brands and arrangement of furniture and set decoration was identical as if they shot one scene with a crappy handicam and quickly switched over to a high end film camera for the recreation footage.  Either the Art Department managed to recreate the scene to perfection – unlikely – or they faked the “original footage” and were too lazy to mix it up slightly for the recreation footage.  Cool movie but the hoax fell through.

There is so much fake footage out there about aliens, the lockness monster, bigfoot and so on.  I have re-pinned a lot of fake images on my pinterest account because for me they are really entertaining.  I hope I’m not contributing to the hoaxing, I just figure by now most people are already aware of the likelihood of hoaxes and can take it with a grain of salt.

I may be a skeptic but I’m also a dreamer.  I know that the universe is full of bizarre phenomenon and I want to know it all.  Not just because of the mundane live’s many of us live but because I want to believe that humanity will continue to discover, learn and evolve.


Robot Spider.

Robot Spider.

This thing is unbelievable.  You have to watch this thing move.  It’s a bit fragile but amazing all the same.