Orphan Black

by Bear Hunter

I don’t watch much television anymore.  Not many shows that really intrigue me.  I have been hearing people talk a lot about this new show called “Orphan Black”.  It was recommended to me because I have an interest in genetics and cloning… more of a curiosity than anything else.  I decided to watch an episode.

Like most fiction about clones I was immediately lost and I had no idea what was going on.  At least I knew it was about clones so I wasn’t confused by the fact that one actor was playing so many different roles – “Cloud Atlas” messed with my head for about 20 minutes.  Orphan Black also reminded me of an old Spiderman comic I bought where Spiderman was cloned and nobody was sure if Peter Parker was the original or a clone… I consider myself a bright lad but that mucked with my brain.

Back to the show.  It was fascinating.  Some lighter moments I enjoyed like how one of the clones was so excited about getting the lead role in a community theatre musical.  The lead actress carried her roles alright.  It did have that typical television gloomy atmosphere which kind of bores me.  I’m intrigued to learn why these clones were created and what purpose their DNA will serve.  I’m more interested in the science fiction than the drama.  I might check out some more episodes.

– Bear Hunter