by Bear Hunter

I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of “Living Robots”.  Machines with minds of their own.  Does a being need to be organic to be considered alive?  Is consciousness enough?

Moving away from the idea of whether we can consider them living or not let us look at the idea of a full self-aware and feeling machine.  What would it want more than anything?  What would it need to consume – fuel source – and how aggressive would it’s instincts need to be for it to seek out that fuel source before it runs out?  Could it succumb to starvation?  If not, what kind of needs would a living machine prioritize if hunger wasn’t a key motivator?  If reproduction wasn’t necessary, how would it function without sexual tension?  I know that’s a weird question but I often wonder how different my life would be without the constant desire for sex.  More peaceful I suspect, lol.

I also wonder what kind of forms the android might take.  The teddy bear in the movie AI is a curious one.  A thinking machine in the form of a teddy bear.  I think children would love it up to the point the bear decides it doesn’t like something about the child or doesn’t like the child at all.  Imagine being stuck serving someone you can’t even stand.  I think the movie “Toy Story” covered this well for a kid’s film.

There are so many unknowns as to how the android would feel, act and appear.  We can’t even guess at what the android would want to make of his/her/it’s life.  I want to meet an android in my lifetime but I also fear what kinds of struggles they will inevitably face… I guess that’s a reality for living things.  Like us they might just have to tough it out.