Alien’s watching us?

by Bear Hunter

I just finished watching a show on youtube about the possibility that an alien race – called the Anunnaki by the Sumerians – helped to create human civilization.  The idea comes from the huge leaps in technology and agriculture made by the Sumerians as well as images of giant gods found in their stone carvings.  The pyramids of Giza are also believed to have been built by the Anunnaki.  The video went into how human hybrids would have been created by the visitors to help build their structures and what purpose the pyramids and other structures served.  You can check out the video at and judge for yourself.


I’m not sure if the Anunnaki are real or if humanity was built with a purpose.  I do wonder though, could an alien race be watching us?  If they are so advanced why would they care if we know about them?  What threat would there be in us knowing?  Might these aliens have a god complex and believe that their intervention is necessary?  How much control would they have and wouldn’t they consider themselves ‘fuck ups’ for how our world has turned out?  Maybe they don’t have as much power as we believe?  Maybe it’s only a small isolated group that is still interested in us for reasons we don’t know?


There could be aliens with similar interests as corporations and governments and they get what they need by pulling strings.  A gentle touch is all they need.  This is all speculation, I have no idea what is out there.  I’ve just seen some weird things in my life that urge me to wonder.  Somethings that happened to me as a kid…  I’ll keep researching.  Maybe one day I’ll find an answer.


– Bear Hunter