Earth like planets.

by Bear Hunter

I just watched an amazing documentary called “Alien Planets like Earth”.  You can watch it at this link,  Apparently NASA launched a space telescope called “Kepler” years ago.  I probably heard about it at some point and forgot.  Anyway, its mission is to seek out earth like planets that might be able to support life.

Correct me if I’m wrong, I’m not an Astronomer.  Planets are so small that they are drown out by their star’s light, so a telescope can’t see it directly.  When the planet passes between the star and the telescope there is a slight decrease in the star’s brightness that the telescope can detect.  If the frequency of the dimmed light has a consistent occurrence over time it means there is a planet orbiting that star.  The smaller time period between the occurrence of the dimming the faster the planet is orbiting and the closer it orbits to the planet.

Apparently the Kepler telescope has found over a thousand planets.  They found one similar to the size of Earth orbiting a star similar in size to our sun called Kepler 62F.  It would be awesome if there actually was life on that planet.  I can only imagine what kinds of lifeforms would inhabit it.  I don’t know about you but I’m excited.

-Bear Hunter