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Month: April, 2014

The Neurological Similarities Between Successful Writers And The Mentally Ill

A very interested blog. I hope someone writes about the more positive side effects of the writer’s mind because I’m starting to feel depressed myself.

Thought Catalog

Knowing his wife was upset with him for spending more time with his typewriter than with her, F. Scott Fitzgerald hatched a plan. He wasn’t proud of many of his short stories (he only included 46 of his 181 short stories in his published collections), but he knew that in order to win back his wife he’d have to whip up something quickly. Working from 7 a.m. to 2 a.m., he churned out “The Camel’s Back” for The Saturday Evening Post for a fee of $500. That very morning, he bought Zelda a gift with the money he had made.

“I suppose that of all the stories I have ever written this one cost me the least travail and perhaps gave me the most amusement,” he commented in the first edition of Tales of the Jazz Age. “As to the labor involved, it was written during one day in…

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To be different.

I’m going to try something a bit different.  Something has been on my mind for a while now… a while being all my life really.  I suppose an anonymous blog is safe enough.  

I’ve never really felt normal.  As a kid I never fit in with other kids.  I couldn’t pick up on behaviour.  I didn’t understand why other kids behaved the way they did, how they came together or co-ordinated themselves as a group.  I just tried to be friendly.  Most would be friendly back but than they would go on with their business.  

My parents bought me a lot of puzzles and models when I was a kid.  I didn’t ask for them or particularly want them but my parents wanted me to develop a sharp mind.  The puzzles did give me something to focus on.  I never knew what to do around people but I always knew how to solve a puzzle and construct a model bridge or tower.  They all had easy to follow steps.  I could predict what would come next, unlike people who seem really random to me.

When I was a kid I didn’t have any friends.  Some kids would involve me in games which I appreciated and did my best at.  I sucked at sports.  My only real friend was my stuffed teddy bear Mr. Frederickson.  I relied on him a lot until I reached my teens.  You can say I grew out of playing with teddy bears.

My teens got a bit better.  I didn’t date but I did have a few friends.  University got a little better still, probably because half of my classmates were as awkward as I was.  I sometimes miss those days.

I still struggle with people.  I try, I honestly do.  I want to feel like I fit in somewhere.  I want to get married someday.  Maybe build a business of my own and have someone else manage the personnel.  My work is my life.  I won’t tell you what I do for a living, it sounds more exciting than it actually is.  I would like to have more time for hobbies or spend more time with like-minded people.


I forced myself out of my place over the weekend.  I decided to see the movie “Transcendence” starring Johnny Depp and Rebecca Hall.  I know what the film was meant to represent and I appreciated the sentiments brought up near the end but I wasn’t convinced.  I won’t give away any surprises and spoil things for anyone.  I just want to talk about the concept.

In the film scientists are racing to be the first to create an artificial intelligence that can help mankind take care of any problem we might ever encounter.  The AI would have superior intelligence and knowledge to every human mind that has ever existed in history combined!  It would have free reign over the internet and would be self-aware.  Without going too deep into the story Johnny Depp’s character becomes part of a new super AI.  He is the component that makes it self-aware.  There are also questions of what makes our soul what it is.

I enjoyed the movie and yet I couldn’t stomach the fact that an intelligence could have unlimited knowledge and resources, and yet still be an intelligence.  I have always believed that our limitations play an essential role in who we are.  The obstacles we face force us to learn and adapt… to grow as people.  We are creatures of necessity.  If we can have anything we want or do anything we want we lose our inherent need.

Life is a struggle for power, one species trying to survive in competition with others.  We form bias’ – rational or not – to put ourselves above other animals.  We deserve the food not them.  We deserve the shelter not them.  That natural prejudice is part of what makes us self aware.  If we instinctively saw everyone as equally deserving we have no justification to fight to survive and we die.  An ultimate intelligence would have to consider all options and opinions.  In my mind that would lead to a reduction in bias which would cause the AI’s “mind” to unravel itself.

Prejudice is not the only bias to consider.  Love is also a bias.  Love plays a cool part in the movie – which I enjoyed.  I wonder, why would the AI need love?  If it has all the knowledge and abilities it needs why would it need nurturing?  Why would it need a partner to compliment it if it can compliment itself?  The romance wasn’t lost on me just the lack of logic.

I have an invested interest in artificial intelligence – I won’t say why.  I just think we get carried away with this whole “All-knowing” entity thing.  I’ve always believed that to know all is to be all and to be all is to be nothing.  If you have no point of reference outside of yourself how can you set yourself apart or even recognize yourself?  Lots of logical holes there.  Can’t we embrace limitations, bias and variation?  I want to know how a real IA could exist and how it would separate itself from the world and organisms around it.  How would it see itself as fitting into the greater scheme of things.  I want to see more movies that cover that.

– Bear Hunter

Orphan Black

I don’t watch much television anymore.  Not many shows that really intrigue me.  I have been hearing people talk a lot about this new show called “Orphan Black”.  It was recommended to me because I have an interest in genetics and cloning… more of a curiosity than anything else.  I decided to watch an episode.

Like most fiction about clones I was immediately lost and I had no idea what was going on.  At least I knew it was about clones so I wasn’t confused by the fact that one actor was playing so many different roles – “Cloud Atlas” messed with my head for about 20 minutes.  Orphan Black also reminded me of an old Spiderman comic I bought where Spiderman was cloned and nobody was sure if Peter Parker was the original or a clone… I consider myself a bright lad but that mucked with my brain.

Back to the show.  It was fascinating.  Some lighter moments I enjoyed like how one of the clones was so excited about getting the lead role in a community theatre musical.  The lead actress carried her roles alright.  It did have that typical television gloomy atmosphere which kind of bores me.  I’m intrigued to learn why these clones were created and what purpose their DNA will serve.  I’m more interested in the science fiction than the drama.  I might check out some more episodes.

– Bear Hunter

The Human Robot.

I watched a documentary on youtube about human-like robots,  Topics ranged from robots that can walk on two legs, display physical emotion, perform tasks to weird topics such as controlling rats with micro-chips and replacing human body parts with cybernetic components.

Apparently, much of the developments in robotics emerged from research that had been underway for over a decade in secret.  Engineers didn’t want the public to see them stumble as they tried to work out the bugs.  Especially when it came to human like robots.  Who knows what else might be under development that we know nothing about?  Imagine the projects that might have been abandoned before anyone was the wiser?

What fascinated me the most was the reality of how much time and effort engineers must put into programming robots to do the simplest tasks.  Once the robot is proficient at it’s task one simple unpredictable obstacle or inconsistency will throw the robot completely off.  The robot does’t “understand” what the task is that it’s doing or why?  It can’t put it into perspective.  Because of this engineers are trying to create robots that can learn.  One engineer even suggested that in the future robots might be paired up with human infants so they can learn about the world together.  All this so a robot can develop “common sense”.

We are creating robots so we can have someone do our work for us and not worry about them feeling bad or understanding fairness, but without the understanding they can’t do the job right.  If we give them common sense they will be more effective but they might develop their own opinions about their existence.  Either way problems seem inevitable.  How come this reminds me of the issues we’ve run into to dogs, donkeys and horses?  Can you program a robot to calm done at the sight of a sugar cube?  I don’t know.

You can watch the documentary and tell me what you think.

My favourite line though was an engineer comparing the intelligence of today’s robots with the intelligence of a retarded cockroach.Image



I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of “Living Robots”.  Machines with minds of their own.  Does a being need to be organic to be considered alive?  Is consciousness enough?

Moving away from the idea of whether we can consider them living or not let us look at the idea of a full self-aware and feeling machine.  What would it want more than anything?  What would it need to consume – fuel source – and how aggressive would it’s instincts need to be for it to seek out that fuel source before it runs out?  Could it succumb to starvation?  If not, what kind of needs would a living machine prioritize if hunger wasn’t a key motivator?  If reproduction wasn’t necessary, how would it function without sexual tension?  I know that’s a weird question but I often wonder how different my life would be without the constant desire for sex.  More peaceful I suspect, lol.

I also wonder what kind of forms the android might take.  The teddy bear in the movie AI is a curious one.  A thinking machine in the form of a teddy bear.  I think children would love it up to the point the bear decides it doesn’t like something about the child or doesn’t like the child at all.  Imagine being stuck serving someone you can’t even stand.  I think the movie “Toy Story” covered this well for a kid’s film.

There are so many unknowns as to how the android would feel, act and appear.  We can’t even guess at what the android would want to make of his/her/it’s life.  I want to meet an android in my lifetime but I also fear what kinds of struggles they will inevitably face… I guess that’s a reality for living things.  Like us they might just have to tough it out.

Amazing Toy Robot.

I found this on youtube and I was blown away. Such smooth motion, balance and responsiveness. I almost question whether it’s real or not.

Alien’s watching us?

I just finished watching a show on youtube about the possibility that an alien race – called the Anunnaki by the Sumerians – helped to create human civilization.  The idea comes from the huge leaps in technology and agriculture made by the Sumerians as well as images of giant gods found in their stone carvings.  The pyramids of Giza are also believed to have been built by the Anunnaki.  The video went into how human hybrids would have been created by the visitors to help build their structures and what purpose the pyramids and other structures served.  You can check out the video at and judge for yourself.


I’m not sure if the Anunnaki are real or if humanity was built with a purpose.  I do wonder though, could an alien race be watching us?  If they are so advanced why would they care if we know about them?  What threat would there be in us knowing?  Might these aliens have a god complex and believe that their intervention is necessary?  How much control would they have and wouldn’t they consider themselves ‘fuck ups’ for how our world has turned out?  Maybe they don’t have as much power as we believe?  Maybe it’s only a small isolated group that is still interested in us for reasons we don’t know?


There could be aliens with similar interests as corporations and governments and they get what they need by pulling strings.  A gentle touch is all they need.  This is all speculation, I have no idea what is out there.  I’ve just seen some weird things in my life that urge me to wonder.  Somethings that happened to me as a kid…  I’ll keep researching.  Maybe one day I’ll find an answer.


– Bear Hunter

Earth like planets.

I just watched an amazing documentary called “Alien Planets like Earth”.  You can watch it at this link,  Apparently NASA launched a space telescope called “Kepler” years ago.  I probably heard about it at some point and forgot.  Anyway, its mission is to seek out earth like planets that might be able to support life.

Correct me if I’m wrong, I’m not an Astronomer.  Planets are so small that they are drown out by their star’s light, so a telescope can’t see it directly.  When the planet passes between the star and the telescope there is a slight decrease in the star’s brightness that the telescope can detect.  If the frequency of the dimmed light has a consistent occurrence over time it means there is a planet orbiting that star.  The smaller time period between the occurrence of the dimming the faster the planet is orbiting and the closer it orbits to the planet.

Apparently the Kepler telescope has found over a thousand planets.  They found one similar to the size of Earth orbiting a star similar in size to our sun called Kepler 62F.  It would be awesome if there actually was life on that planet.  I can only imagine what kinds of lifeforms would inhabit it.  I don’t know about you but I’m excited.

-Bear Hunter 

My first blog.

This will be my first blog.  I thought I’d just jump in.  I’m really not good at this sort of thing.

I just wanted to have a voice.  Express my ideas and maybe find like minded people.  I’m not a very social person… actually, that’s an understatement.

I figured I would post under the name Bear Hunter.  I won’t give you the story behind the name, not yet at least.  It’s a good story, I’ll leave it at that.

This is all I can really think to write, I hope it’s alright and readable.  Thank you for Reading.

-Bear Hunter